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    Why is Adobe such a Mean company?

    alexanderh89458012 Level 1

      Adobe has in the past offered a complimentary upgrade for customers who have just purchased a licence before an upgrade.

      I bought a Lightroom 5 licence 2 weeks before the upgrade to 6.


      I have spent over one hour trying to find info on their website about upgrading (404 error continuously) then spent 30 minutes on the phone being cut off by their phone system and then finding out I was not eligible toeven speak to customer services .


      Guess the £100 I spent was not really enough for them!


      Anyway the low down finally discovered was that I would have to pay for a full upgrade.


      For the small number of people that must have purchased in the last few weeks, it would cost them very little to give away an upgrade.


      I for one, will not be buying 6 for a very long time - if ever.