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    open flash player from terminal

      Hi everyone,
      i have the following problem and it drives me mad. I´m developing a Flash game which retrieves data from a java Server. For presentation I have both things, the server and the Flash-Projektor on the same Computer. What I want is: Both programms startet with on click (one doubleclick :-) ) so I tried to start the server using fscommand but since the Server is a never stopping Thread, Flash blocks and waits for the application to end...which will never happen. So my new try is to start the Flash projector from tha java server interface via runtime.exec(); everything I need now is what I have to enter in the Terminal (using OSX!) to start a Flash projector. I just can´t figure it out.
      Another thing would be: it doesn´t have to be a projector...could be normal swf also...then start it with a standalone player...but same problem: how do i start a standalone player from the terminal giving it the file he should open? Are there parameters I can pass to it? Anybody? Help!!!