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    How are Lightroom 6 faces stored?

    JohnathonSullinger Level 1

      Prior to Lightroom 6, I have been adding a keyword for each person in my photos so that I can filter by people later. I have about 12,000 photos, with roughly 6,000 of those photos containing people keywords. I save the keywords in to the files, so that as I upload the photos to Flickr, the tags go with them. Now with Lightroom 6, we have the faces option. I understand that Faces are nothing more than a special kind of Person keyword. I have a couple questions on it however.


      1. Are the Person keywords stored in the file when I save the metadata? I'm not so concerned about the regions, I just want to make sure they can be embedded in the original file.
      2. What happens if I take my existing 6,000 photos with standard keywords assigned per person, and change those keywords to a Person? Does it just change the keyword type, or does it try to retroactively apply regions around faces?