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    Resize Video Square ( Before Render or After)


      What would be your best method to make the video square( example 1000 x 1000) In the output resize settings I guess? I want to be able to post where a total square size is required. I know it may take some manipulations, but didn't know if anyone knew of a good method or trick.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Drop your standard video comp in a new comp set to the same frame rate and size you require. There is one thing that may foul up the whole idea though. If you have to deliver an mp4 then there are frame size requirements that must be followed or the codec it's self will resize the output. If you just want a black frame around your video, say to deliver it to YouTube, then just create a shape layer that is 1000 X 1000 pixels and use that as an inverted track matte in a standard sized comp for your nested main comp or place the shape layer on the bottom and enable Preserve Transparency on all layers above the shape layer.

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