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    INDEX Help

      Im working from Robohelp office x5 and when creating an index the information that your search pulls up is documentation that is used from the project tab and was not selected to be viewed in TOC. Is there a way to only create an index for documentation listed in the TOC? I have several framesets made for my TOC and the index is pulling up the documentation it took to make the framework but is not pulling up the framset.
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          Hi Mrs.Kirk

          Ummm, are you talking Index or Search? These are two drastically different things here.

          There are ways of hiding things from Search. For the Index, you as the help author have total control over what goes in there.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Sorry about that...I am talking more about the search function. I don't want it to display topics from my PM folder that I have not added to the TOC. I Find that it shows files from my framsets that I don't wish for them to see etc.

            In term of the Index, I find if I run a wizard it will pull up topics from my PM and not just my TOC.

            Mrs. Kirk