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    How do I increase my sound using the Audio Mixer?

    Rickster213 Level 1

      I needed to raise the volume of a clip I had in my Premiere Elements project.  Somehow, I managed to do it.  When I play the clip with the Audio Mixer open, I see the slider bar way at the top at a +3 which is great for the clip I have.  I have another clip from the same event and I also need to raise the sound to a +3.  I THOUGHT I had selected the clip, and then simply slid the bar up.  I did this a few days ago.  Now I am trying to raise the volume on another clip by sliding the bar up but it has no effect.  I may have edited the start and end of the clip but I wouldn't think that would have any impact.  I would think that any volume changes could be made to a trimmed clip.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Thanks.