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    Where is the education discount for upgrading LR5 to LR6?

    avboden Level 1

      I own LR5 outright from the student/education discount ($79.99) because it's all I use, I don't use photoshop or any other programs in the CC suite.


      LR6 adds quite literally only 5 new features, that's it. The brush feature for masks should have been in the program from the start! Anyways...the upgrade price is get this, $79.99! I don't see how you can reasonably expect people to pay the entire price of the program, for what is simply a minimal update, not an entirely new program. If there's an education discount for the upgrade, I can't find it.


      Adobe has hid the standalone purchase options well enough now, clearly they want everyone on subscriptions but that's just not going to happen, I only use LR and it'll stay that way. I own it and i'm still a student, so I'd love if Adobe would honor the education discounts that they've provided in the past and provide a reasonable one on the upgrade to LR6 from LR5.


      Or, at the very least, give an education discount on the photography only subscription, as there isn't one there either.