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    LR CC: Ctrl-E edits last HDR image set in PS,  not selected image

    Selby Shanly Level 1

      i was testing the new HDR capability and then went to do a normal Photoshop edit on a different image - nothing to do with HDR. When I entered Ctrl-E Photoshop was started and brought in the images I was using as input to HDR.  It did this repeatedly.   Right clicking on the selected image and then picking Edit... Photoshop CC 2014 worked.  I had to stop and restart Lightroom to fix this problem.


      I checked and made sure that the images used for HDR were definitely not marked as selected.


      One other peculiar thing. When it used the HDR images the Photoshop splash screen did not display.  When I suceeded in doing a notmal edit, it did as per normal.  Makes me wonder what the new HDR is actually doing under the covers.


      Running under Windows 7.


      Has anyone else seen this?  Any comment from the Adobe team?


      Thanks very much in advance.