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    integrate a cms like squarespace

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      I have been a coldfusion developer for several years now.  I always get people asking me to built a front-end website for them.  Basically, all they want is a brochure type site where they can manage the content, images, etc.  So, I point them to squarespace and they are good to go until they want some database related items.  The requests are relatively simple.  Basically a form that the user submits and a back end admin page to view submissions.  Most cms's including squarespace have tags and ways to do simple functionality.  But, I would like a solution that would allow the users to utilize a cms type site to manage their site, but allow for advanced functionality.  I prefer to utilize coldfusion rather than having to switch to php.  I use hostek as my host and they list joomla, mura, gocontentbox.org, and wordpress as applications that I can install on my customer sites.


      A major concern of mine is the fact that a customer may design a page within a cms, then ask for a form within said page that submits and inserts into a database.  My typical client does not use cms's and I can just create the applications for them.  But, more basic clients that have sites buitl on cms's tend to begin asking for more functionality and  I know how to merge the coldfusion functionality into the cms.  I do not want to re-invent the wheel and write a cms for my clients.  I prefer to utilize a good commercial cms and add my coldfusion applications to said cms.


      I understand most cms's have built in tags or ways to create functionality, but I need a long term solution.  Requests are simple right now, but I can see a customer wanting to add an inventory management system, or asking for more advanced solutions.


      Anyone here do such a thing, or have any suggestions on how to proceed?