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    While installing flashplayer the installation manager box is grayed out after clicking on run. My system is Windows 7 64bit and ie 11.


      I am not able to play any videos in ie 11 and I am not able to install flash player.

      So far I have uninstalled prior installation of flash player.  When I visit get adobe flash player sight with ie 11 whole sight box is grayed out.  so I tried to download the flash player for ie 11 with chrome and firefox. In both cases after running .exe file downloaded and saved on pc the flashplayer installation manger comes up for permissions.  but after clicking run, it is grayed out and nothing further happens. I will appreciate any help in getting this installed.


      I have other laptop with Windows 7 professional  and ie 11.  there is no problem on playing videos in ie11 in this laptop.  so why do I have problem in this pc? Only difference is here I have Windows 7 Home premium.  Java version 32 and 64 bit are installed and enabled. Silverlight is enabled and adobe shockwave player is enabled, Active x control are disabled.  software rendering box is also checked in the advanced tab of ie 11.