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    Lightroom mobile: Weird sort order when manually adding pictures to any collection


      Hi all,


      I have a weird problem: When I try to add pictures to a collection in LR mobile on my iPhone, NOT ALL pictures are showed and the SORT ORDER is absolutely weird.


      This implies two main questions:


      1. Why is the sort order not stringent? Latest pictures are on top of the grid (BUT NOT ALL!), and then pictures do not appear in the chronological correct order anymore. Could a different date scheme (Europe, Germany) be the reason?


      2. Why are some pictures not showing up at all? Some pictures can’t be selected to add them to any collection because they simply don’t show up. I thought maybe it’s because of previously applied filters in the iOS Photos app, but it’s not (some pictures with filters still show up in LR mobile (without the filter being applied there) and can be selected).



      I hope you know what I’m trying to explain and that somebody can help — this is really odd.

      Maybe I just have to wait for the next app update…