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    Why Lightroom 6 slower when i use GPU than when I don't use this Option

    SalvoPaesano Level 1

      Lightroom 6

      Windows 8.1 X86_64

      Cpu: Intel i7-920

      8Gb Ram Nvidia

      GPU GTX 560 Ti 448 tested with:

      - last driver from Nvidia 350.12 (13.4.2015)

      - and driver from Nvidia 347.x (end 2014)


      Hi all, I have an issue.

      When I 'm in "The Develop module" and the "use the graphics processor" from performance panel activated , the Adjustment Brush is very slow: I  "paint" and must wait ~1s or more before I see the result.

      If I deselect the "use the graphics processor" , when I "paint" (the same thing, same image , same setting) the result is instantly I can see in real time without lags.


      Somebody know why? and how I can use the GPU without this lag in  Develop module ?