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    Lightroom Tethered Capture stalls/freezes/fails when swiching apps - OS X (LR4/LR5/LR6)


      I have had an ongoing issue when shooting tethered to Lightroom since LR4 and has been the same through every release since.


      When shooting tethered with my Nikon D3 or D4, the tether connection freezes if I switch to another app.


      For example, if I am shooting, and want to navigate to Mac mail to check an email, when I return to Lightroom, any images I shoot wont make it through to the computer.


      To correct the problem, i have to Stop Tethered Capture, then re-start tethered capture.


      It has been a problem for me across 3 versions of Lightroom, 3 versions of OS X, 2 Cameras and 2 different laptops.


      Does anyone know how to correct the issue... or absolute worst case scenario know how to make some kind of automator action to stop and reset tethered capture with the click of a button / shortcut key?


      Any info would be amazing !




      FYI, currently running Adobe Lightroom CC 2015, Camera Raw 9, Yosemite 10.10.3, Macbook Pro Retina 13" - Late 2013 - 2.8GHZ Intel Core i7 - 16GB RAM - Intel Iris 1536 - 256 SSD - Nikon D4 w/ latest firmware - Tether tools USB 3 Tether cable.