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    Lightroom CC stuttering when no internet connection on Surface pro 3, is there a fix?



      In order to see if the creative cloud for photography is suitable for my need I just downloaded the Lightroom CC (6) free test version.

      I used to work previously on Lightroom 5.7.1 retail version (which is working perfectly) on my Surface pro 3 (i5 8gb ram).


      Problem is, as soon I launch Lightroom CC with the WIFI disabled for battery saving on mobility or just no internet access, Lightroom CC is unusable due to  micro-stuttering every 20-30 sec approx.  Browsing the catalog, adjusting pictures, everything in fact.

      I tried to uncheck the GPU setting as I see in different forums, but no differences.


      After coming back at home, and as soon as I connect the WIFI, relaunch Lightoom CC. Everything runs smoothly...


      I tried again the disable WIFI, restart Lightroom CC, stutters again from start.

      Made 10 attempts of each, and every time I have an internet connection with wifi, everything runs smooth without stuttering, and every time I start the application without internet connection Lightroom do microfreeze (other apps runs fine, it's just LR CC).


      Any ideas, cause for me this is completely a No-GO because I will not do tethering with my phone every time I want to use LR.


      Many thanks.