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    Save Button for Fillable PDFs in Android Adobe Reader App?


      I am a software developer and recently made a web site for one of our clients where they download fillable PDFs, fill them out, and then upload them back to the site. While this works fine on a desktop, we encountered problems with them doing this process from their tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1). After meeting with them, we discovered that when they thought they were “saving” the files, they were actually “printing” the PDFs to a new PDF, which caused the documents to be read-only and no longer fillable. We discovered that you could save changes to the PDFs and keep them fillable by hitting the home button in the Adobe Reader app to “close” the opened PDF.

      Is there any way to save a PDF in the Adobe Reader app for android (like a save button) such that it saves changes to the file but still allows the PDF to be fillable? The current solution we found with "closing" the current file by hitting the home button will work, but I was wondering if there was a simpler/clearer way to save the file.