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    How can i loop an animation starting from a particular point (and not from the beginning)?


      I'm new to Edge Animate, and so far knowing After Effects has been very useful indeed. But when it comes to simple coding i get a bit stuck.


      I'm basically trying to have my animation endlessly loop. The sym.play (0) command starts looping again from the beginning, but i would like to have the animation start looping from 0.03 secs (so, skipping the first 3 seconds on its first replay). In other words, I only want the first 3 seconds of the animation to be played once.


      I'm attaching a screenshot of the timeline just in case. I want the loop to start from the red line.


      How can i do this? Is it through using labels?




      Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 17.34.55.png