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    Tiff file problem, Lightroom 2015 CC becomes unstable, anyone help?


      I have now installed LR-2015 CC for the third time and the problem is the same. Editing the DNG file is fine, with local adjustments  brushes, presets, no problem. However, once I export to PS and return the photo back to LR as a TIFF, or use a plugin and return to LR as a TIFF, the Lightroom becomes very unstable and erratic, it resets my adjustments automatically to their original (for example, I add sharpening, the image blinks, and the sharpening disappears, or  add a radial filter and adjust, the image blinks again and the radial filter just vanishes), after a while, LR just ceases to respond. If I then close LR and reopen the same TIFF file, I can edit as normal. This happens every time I attempt to make adjustments to TIFFs. I have updated video card drivers (GeForce GTX 650/PCIe/SSE2), disabled plugins, and all to no avail.


      Hoping that someone can help me, because as things stand, this is a disaster.


      Thanks in advance.