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    Capturing audio

      Is there a way to capture the audio track from a program you are recording with Captivate? I have an eLearning course that I want to create a CD-ROM demo of and I don't want to have to import every audio file that I used in that course.
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          Hi tprefling

          I've seen others here report that you may use a mixing device. They connect the speaker output port and a microphone to the mixer and connect the mixer to the microphone port. This seemingly allows you to capture "system sounds" as well as voice narration.

          Personally, I've never tried this so I have no clue how easy or difficult this may be. Or how well it might work. But it's what I've seen others report, so thought it may help you in this case.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Some applications (Camtasia, etc) allow you to select a "what you hear" mode (monitor whatever is playing through the soundcard) which will save you some trouble. Also depends on your sound card or if you possibly have more than one.

            Withing Captivate Recording Options, Audio Options you can change from Mic to Line Input; can you play the app audio in from another PC?

            Perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult to import that WAV or MP3 into the project and slide it into place (sync with screen action).

            Good luck