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    Lightroom cc 2015 fails to keep edits


      I have installed LR CC 2015 on Mac Pro with 32 GB RAM and nVidia card.  The program now starts correctly however I have the following problems:


      1.  Edit to the RAW file are not being retained with the image open all the time.  The catalog is set to write changes to XMP file immediately.


      2.  The screen refreshes extremely slowly and with a complete rewrite making it impossible to make edits in a smooth manner.


            I doubt this have anything to do with the version of Java on the Mac.  In order to use Illustrator CS6, I had to downgrade Java runtime so it would work.  However, immediately before upgrading to LR CC 2015, the prior version ran like a champ.


      All help appreciated.


      It is beginning to seem like Adobe pushed the baby out the door before it was mature.