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    Flash File Size?

      Perhaps a dumb question, but what the heck.

      I am wondering if creating a movie presentation in the actual FLASH application would generate a smaller overall file than the very same presentation created in Captivate that generates equivalent SWF & HTML files?

      For example - go to this link on the MICROSOFT site and click "PLAY DEMO".

      See how fast it loads up and plays? Was that demo movie created with FLASH?

      If I were to create something similar in CAPTIVATE (which is all I have at the moment) I think the resultant files would be HUGE.

      Any help or insights would be appreciated. THANKS!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi bioden

          If I were guessing, I'd have to say that what you see on the Microsoft site is a result of their new "Expression" product. At one point I think it was called "Sparkle" and was also heralded as the new "Flash Killer". But I'm a bit doubtful now as to whether this will prove true.

          Cheers... Rick