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    Presenter 10 won't play in our LMS using IE


      I have several courses that were created using Adobe Presenter 10 that won't play in our LMS if the student is using an IE browser (8, 9, or 10 were all tested). They play fine in Chrome. In IE the course launches and there is a blank window that opens. I made sure to publish using both swf and html5.


      I have older courses that were made with prior versions of Adobe Presenter (9 and 8, I think) and they play fine in IE browsers so I think there is something going on with Presenter 10 and my LMS. The course plays fine from my desktop and SCORMCloud. Any suggestions?

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          We have the same problem with Presenter 10 and IE11 and our LMS. The course works fine in Chrome and we have no issues with Presenter 9 content. Our LMS expert suggested the following:


          Would you please try launching the course again, and after the content window is loaded, press F12. Check the emulation tab and see what the Document mode is set to. This should be running in Edge mode to display HTML 5 correctly. If it gives an older version, such as IE 7, it’s likely that your IT department has set a group policy to enforce compatibility view.


          This worked for us but we can't have our employee's press F12 and change a setting every time we have a presenter 10 course. Does anyone know if there is a setting within Presenter 10 that would cause the issue?