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    How can I insert an additional page without screwing up the master layouts? I have a document with multiple sized pages and the same master applied to each page.


      My document is currently 10 pages. There are 5 different sizes of the pages. They all have the same master page applied to them. When I go to insert a new page and/or duplicate a page...it screws up where the master layout goes. Surely there is simple way to do this??


      For example:

      • These pages are all inserts for a sales folder.
      • Pages 7 and 8 are sized at 8.5" w X 10.25" h. Pages 9 and 10 are sized at 8.5" w X 11" h.
      • I need to duplicate page 8 and have it go between 8 and 9 and it needs to be sized like pages 7 and 8 (or 8.5" w X 10.25" h)
      • When I go to to do this, it screws up the master page layout for the remaining pages of the document.


      I have tried several ways to do this. Can anyone help??