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    Sign up month to month, but forced to stay whole year!... or pay the HUGE Fee!


      I  was under the assumption that when I signed up in january for the student/teacher edition creative cloud, that I would only have to pay month to month until my chosen date. Makes sense right? since I am a student. But what does not make sense is a student signing up for a whole year which is what adobe customer support is telling me I did. When I tried to cancel customer support told me that i signed up for a year when i know for a fact that i didn't. Customer support is telling me that either I stay until december when there is no fee, or pay out $80 to cancel. I graduate in May so i won't be a student anymore after that, and last time I checked 1 month isn't a whole year. I work on a Mac at home and at my High Schools Photography/Video class. Adobe Creative Cloud was awesome until this happened. I wish I would've just used some online software that wouldn't have costed me a dime. I didn't have to get Adobe Creative Cloud but I wanted it because i knew I would only be paying month to month and that Adobe was reliable, guess i was wrong.