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    Adobe support retina for InDesign CS6?


      In Have a Macbook Pro and have the CS6 suite of adobe programs. Photoshop and Illustrator have retina support so my question is will Indesign for CS6 ever get retina support? It's been well over 2 years now since the release of retina displays!!!!!!  Apple and graphic design go hand in hand and Adobe is the go to brand, it's pathetic this hasn't been sorted earlier!


      and i know about open in low res in the get info of the app, its greyed out and ticked and no I don't want to go to CC just yet.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No. Retina support was added to InDesign in CC. CS6 will never be compatible.




          This has been discussed to death in other threads. The application needed to be rebuilt from the ground up to add it.

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            Dizzybass Level 1

            Hi Bob


            Thank you for your very quick reply, much appreciated! Is this the official Adobe stance or just hear say? (any link to this?)

            The release of the retina display and the release of CS6 was relatively close, it's terrible that they made this decision, it's not like the Adobe packages are 3.99$ in the app store!! Many people have spent hundreds of pounds / dollars on the CS6 suite of programs, and I'm sure a lot users were for hobby use and not just pro users who can now pay for CC monthly.


            I'm sure if it was done in Illustrator, it could have been implemented into Indesign, probably more a small cost saving/ resource reason, either way its terrible costumer support to such a highly valued brand!

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I do not work for Adobe but if you go back and look at the other threads you will see that it is the official stance. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 man years of time that went into the re-write of InDesign for CC. The code for CS6 simply did not allow for adding retina support. Illustrator and Photoshop are based on completely different code and the fact that if was done there for CS6 should alleviate any thoughts that this was done for some sinister purpose.

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                I'll give you the official reply on behalf of Adobe ...


                There will be no update to InDesign 8 (i.e., CS6) to add support for HiDPI displays. Not only were those products released without sufficient (if any) notice to the developer community, but when these new displays were announced, Adobe was in the process of making very major changes to InDesign's code base to be even able to take advantage of new MacOS features that support these displays as well as 64-bit operation. This support could not reasonably be retrofitted into the pre-InDesign 9 (CC) code base. We in fact were quite open to the user community at that time and advised them as to when and how the HiDPI (i.e. “Retina”) support would be added to InDesign.


                In terms of why Illustrator and Photoshop were able to incorporate this support into their CS6 versions, the simple truth is that both those programs underwent a similar major code overhaul prior to the CS6 release and thus were able to incorporate HiDPI as well as 64-bit support much more readily and quickly.


                            - Dov

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Thanks for popping in, Dov!