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    how to find library menu


      How to find the library menu in InDesign? I don't see the Library Menu under the window tab as it should be.InDesign screenCapture.jpg

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          Ian Blogs Level 3

          Is this what you are looking for?

          Create an object library


          An object library exists as a named file on disk. When you create an object library, you specify where to store it. When you open a library, it appears as a panel that you can group with any other panel; the object library’s file name appears in its panel tab. Closing an object library removes it from the current session, but doesn’t delete its file.

          You can add or remove objects, selected page elements, or an entire page of elements to or from an object library. You can also add or move library objects from one library to another.



          • Choose File > New > Library.



            Specify a location and name for the library, and click Save. Remember that the name you specify becomes the name of the library’s panel tab.


          Open an existing library

          • Do one of the following:
            • If you’ve already opened a library in the current session (and haven’t closed it), choose the library file in the Window menu.
            • If you have not opened a library, choose File > Open, and select one or more libraries. In Windows, library files use the INDL extension. InDesign converts newly opened libraries from previous versions of the program to the new library format; you are asked to save these libraries under a new name.
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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are two kinds of libraries in the latest version of InDesign, InDesign CC 2014.2:


            All versions of InDesign can create libraries which are InDesign only. You create those by choose File > New > New Library. They won't appear in Window menu unless you've opened one up using the name you gave it. Then it will appear at bottom of the menu, as a window is listed.


            Only if you have InDesign CC 2014.2, released in February 2014 will you see "CC Libraries" listed in the Window menu. This is the kind of library that is shared with Photoshop CC 2014, Illustrator CC 2014 and Creative Cloud. You can read about them in the Help > InDesign Help.


            If you don't see CC Libraries, you're not updated to the latest version of InDesign.

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              yuetc34518512 Level 1

              Steve, Your answer is very helpful. I'm now able to create a library in file/new. It looks like I need to install updates to see "CC Library." Thanks. Yuet

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                yuetc34518512 Level 1