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    editing changes unselected images as awell as selected ones

    bonalymac999 Level 1

      Having a major issue.


      Strange things happening with LR started with V5. I uninstalled and re-installed, and now I'm on CC, still having probs.


      Issues are intermittent, but fairly regular. The only thing I can see that is consistent is that the problems seem to arise when the prog is reported as using a high memory amount (over 1.5Gb - I have 8 installed) as reported in Windows Task Manager.


      Todays issue is that I have three images selected, I hit x to mark as rejected, and the 3 images PLUS the 3 previously selected images now show an X. Hitting U removes the X from all 6 images. Hitting X again marks all 6 as rejected - and so on.


      I had the same problem trying to add a color label.


      I previously raised the issue elsewhere at


      Funny things happening - Lightroom Forums


      This showed similar but different issues, and includes an image showing the problem then.


      Any help welcome.