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    Strange UI bug when using People view/face recognition

    Mollysnoot Level 3

      I've started playing with the face recognition in LR6/CC and have encountered an odd display bug when viewing the groups of 'named people':


      The thumbnail for each named person includes a count of how many images (or perhaps that should be faces) are attributed to their specific name. However, once the number of images for a person exceeds 100, LR only displays the first two digits in the thumbnail and drops off the third one, e.g. 254 is displayed as 25. If you hover over the thumbnail, the full count (e.g. 254) is displayed so long as the mouse cursor is kept on the thumbnail. Interestingly, once the number of images attributed to a named person exceeds 1000, it does the same thing, only it adds an extra digit (so 1400 becomes 140).


      I'm running this on Win7.


      Anyone else seeing this?