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    Beginner - Need Help With Soundboard

      Hey everyone,

      I'm just learning Flash, and from various online tutorials, I have managed to get this far with the soundboard I want to make.

      Example Soundboard - Here

      As you can see from the example, this will be a very simple soundboard. All I want it to do is trigger and loop sounds, like it does now. But I have a couple things more I want it to do.

      In the example, in the "Over" state of the buttons, I've added text to show what each button will trigger (Test Loop 1, Test Loop 2).

      But once the sound is triggered (via OnRelease) and the user moves the cursor off the button - I want the Over state mode of the button to remain showing as the audio loop plays (so the user visually sees what audio loop is currently playing).

      How would I do this?

      Also, I'm considering making each button be it's own on/off control, instead of a completely separate "Off" button.

      I've found 4-5 different online tutorials to accomplish this same feature. And have tried and succeeded at doing some of them.

      But what I would like to know is, what method would be the easiest and most compatible, inconjunction to what I would like to do above?

      Last question...

      On the example soundboard, I notice that if you hover the cursor over where the text appears (Test Loop 1, Test Loop 2) it flickers the Over state of the buttons.

      Why does it do this, and can that be prevented?

      I know for a lot of you, these are probably simple questions. So, Hopefully someone can help me out. I've already done a lot searching for solutions, as well as tried the Flash "Help". But as a beginner, I'm not sure exactly what I need to search for.

      Any help will be sincerely appreciated!