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    Presentation won't run on IE7

      I just discovered a problem with our RoboPresenter demos having to do with IE 7. The demos work fine with IE6, and with Firefox. It’s only IE7 that is a problem. First, look at the problem in IE6 or FF. Go to:


      Click on any one of the Online Demo buttons. It opens the demo /index.html page, which subsequently invokes the actual demo on the “player.html” page.

      Now try to open a demo in IE 7. The demo /index.html page invokes the “player” page, but it has some extra syntax: “?slide=” tagged on the end. Ex:


      Can anyone tell me what coding changes I need to make for the demos to work with IE7?

      Thank you,

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          MACR Level 1
          Hi John,

          RoboPresenter is now Adobe Presenter. You may want to check out the new version of Adobe Presenter.
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            Also, when Meeting Hosts or Content Authors upload content when they have IE 7, they've received errors. If you contact Adobe Support, they'll tell you that this product is not certified with IE 7 yet. Though, during my call 2 weeks ago, they indicated the only issue encountered was the upload issue - which was a nusance more than anything since you can close the error and still upload anyways.

            If there is an issue with the client PCs using IE 7, then can I suggest you to notify Adobe of this?

            Although they'll tell you the same thing, they really need to know of your issue - so as to ultimately fix it, right ;)
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              jd523 Level 1
              MACR and Ingrid,

              Thank you both for your replies.

              MACR: well, I tried to do that. even completed the "prospective customer" form and sent it to them. know what happened? nothing. no email, no call, nothing at all.

              Ingrid: Adobe Support?? You're kidding right? You actually spoke to a PERSON at Adobe? I'll give you $5,000 for that phone number. Adobe support ranks about 3 notches below Microsoft support (I didn't think it was possible either). In my experience, Adobe Support simply doesn't exist. As I stated above, I can't even get a canned email reply when I'm trying to GIVE THEM MY MONEY. — Sorry, my diatribe isn't directed toward you. I've just developed this absolute contempt for Adobe because their service is such a complete, unfunny joke. Okay I'm done.

              Oh...the solution to my problem? Adding this line of code to the browser detection.

              var IE7 = ((document.all)&&(navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE 7.")!=-1)) ? true : false;

              "Duh" on me.