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    Trouble with baReadIni on Mac OSX

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      I’m trying to diagnose this problem remotely so I’m sorry my info is a little vague at this time. I’ve got a program that reads and writes to an ini file via baReadIni. Works fine on Windows XP and Macs in two locations ... but the client gave the program to a third individual and his system won’t read the ini file ... I modified the program to give me some diagnostics and as far as I can tell Buddy API registers properly, copies the ini file to the user’s prefs folder without an error, but when it reads the ini file it just returns the default values. The third party got the project via FTP so about the only thing I can think of is that maybe the ini file somehow became unreadable. My diagnostics confirmed the ini file is in the correct location. Anyone have ideas?
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          I had an issue a while back with some Macs when using the baWriteIni
          command. The issue would cause the first item you added to the ini file
          to become corrupt. This would then cause baReadIni to always return the
          default value when you were trying to read it back, as the entry didn't
          exist. For example a line like "test=1" would come up something like
          this "st=t" (I can't remember exactly).

          I worked around this issue by always adding an unused entry to a new ini
          file before I added anything of value. For example I add (using
          baWriteIni) "buffer=none".