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    Importing AI file into AE as composition, layers are all empty/black


      Hello, I am so frustrated with this problem, I dont recall it ever happening before and I have now been trying to fix it for over 3 hours!


      All I want is to import an AI file with multiple layers and be able to edit them separately in the timeline!!


      My AI document has 3 layers (Each their own), in AE I hit file-import-selectFile-import as composition with layer size retained

      Once imported, I click on the composition and the 3 layers appear in the timeline, but they are all blank!!


      Before they would at least show up, though not in seperate layers or some other problem.


      My AI color profile is RGB


      The following 3 pictures are of

      1. When a layer is open in AE

      2. 3 layers of comp are selected on the timeline

      3. AI file showing layers



      I don't recall this ever happening before, something so simple should not be this infuriating. HELP! THANK YOU!