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    Re-loading SWF file locally not remotely

    Dr Khaled Level 1
      SWF file is large. How can I alow a user just save SWF file locally the first time he accesses the server and every time he needs to access the server just re-load the SWF from his PC without the need to re-load SWF from the server and have his local SWF file interact with the server?
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          FlightGuy Level 1
          Set the expiration for swf files on your web server to a very long time - same way to do to prevent reloading images every time you access a page. This will cause the browser to cache to file and return it from cache when you try to load it the second time.

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            flexiblekrish Level 1



                    Am trying to do same thing, i thought i can download the swf locally then second time onwords, application will use the local swf instead of remote one.


            but i got one issue.


            issue is am saving the swf locally, but when ever am loading the style.swf its throughing error

            VerifyError: Error #1014: Class mx.core::FlexSprite could not be found.

            at flash.display::MovieClip/nextFrame()

            at mx.core::FlexModuleFactory/deferredNextFrame()[E:\dev\4.x\frameworks\projects\framework\s rc\mx\core\FlexModuleFactory.as:631]

            at mx.core::FlexModuleFactory/update()[E:\dev\4.x\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\core\ FlexModuleFactory.as:401]

            at mx.core::FlexModuleFactory/moduleCompleteHandler()[E:\dev\4.x\frameworks\projects\framewo rk\src\mx\core\FlexModuleFactory.as:718]



            Acutally the way am downloading is using URLLoader,FILEand FileStream, using these am writing in to the new file and saving it as style.swf,


            is there any difference between actually one and downloaded one, i have seen that both are same size no change.but its throughing the same error.


            Please help me out.