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    Invalid SWC file using ADT to create an Android Native Extension


      I'm following a tutorial on youtube:



      Using Flash Builder 4.6 and and when I get to the point where the project is supposed to be built using adt I run into the following error:


      "Invalid swc file:"


      Here is the command I'm using:

      adt -package -storetype PKCS12 -keystore newcert.p12 -storepass mypassword -tsa none -target ane notifications.ane build/ane/Notifications.swc -platform Android-ARM -C build/ane/Android-ARM


      Ive tried setting the Additional Compiler Arguments in the Flex Library Compiler to this: "-locale en_US -swf-version 19"


      Still the same result, If anyone can help me figure out how to trouble shoot this or isolate the problem I would greatly appreciate it.