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    Importing raw files from Nikon D610 error


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to import raw files from my new Nikon. It's a D610. I transferred the files onto my computer using Nikon's transfer software, as I have in the past with the older camera. Now when I try to import those to Lightroom, I get an error about the raw file type not being supported. I did some googling and tried using Adobe's DNG converter program, but that also didn't work.


      What else can I try? I've already deleted the photos off the memory card because I thought I had them saved, and I need them for a story due tomorrow (journalism problems....).


      Thanks for your help!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          You mention an older camera, which opens the door to the possibility of older software. There are histories of older versions of Nikon Transfer doing bad things to files from newer cameras. Check to see that you have the most recent version of Nikon Transfer. If not, do the upgrade then transfer the files again from the card(s).