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    upgraded & now Lightroom closes automatically after splash screen


      I was using the Lightroom5 Trial version to explore moving from Aperture, successfully for 9 days when I decided to upgrade to LightroomCC and now nothing works.


      I have tried logging out of CC and logging back in (yes, I am sure I did this correctly via Preferences)

      I have uninstalled Lightroom5 (then logging out of CC and back in again)

      I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling Lightroom CC

      I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling Adobe CC & Lightroom CC. Again.

      I have tried doing all this again & restarting my computer.

      I have tried renaming the SLCache folder (SLStore folder not found)

      I have deleted the contents of that folder

      I have tried signing out of CC and opening Lightroom directly (I was briefly asked to sign in & accept terms but the Lightroom did not follow)


      Seriously. How can I get Lightroom to launch again? Trying to reach live chat through Adobe support sends me in a viscous loop that keeps resulting in the same set of instructions that does not work.


      Windows8 OS


      All suggestions & feedback greatly appreciated (except the comments along the lines of logging off & logging in to Creative Cloud worked for you).