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    I want to build android application using existing desktop dimension fla files. so for this I am resizing existing desktop dimension fla files to mobile dimension files but during resizing some files are resizing properly but most of the files the content


      problem definition:


      To build android application using existing desktop dimension fla fies , I am resizing that files to mobile dimension and publishing with air fo android 16  . In this process some fla's are not resizing properly I mean the content is not matching with stage


                        In one post I saw that by copying frames in movie clip we can adjust with stage . I did this and made an application but the swf's which are following the movieclip resized swf are going out of stage


      development tool : adobe flash professsional cc

      extension : air for android 16

      original file dimension: 800 * 600 px

      new dimension required is : 2650 * 1600 px ( to get full screen view)


                                             anyone please suggest me to solve this problem


      resizing with modify.png



      when I resized using copy frames in movie clip the output swf is coming with white screen . If I played with package it coming properly but the files which are following this are going out of stage