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    XSLT transform of a Flex XMLList object

    Dzihan Level 1
      Hello list,

      I request a quite complex xml structure from my webserver via a webservice method.
      This xml is received by flex as a XMLList object. Now i need to transform the complex structure
      into a more simple one that serves as dataProvider for a tree.

      I'm new to XSL and pretty much got no clue, i just found out that you have to specify the template.xsl file inside the origin xml file.. So now i got no xml file but a xmllist object. How do i get this working? do i have to call another function when i received my xml that does the job somehow?

      Thanks for your help.

      Best regards,
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          FlightGuy Level 1
          I don't believe Flex has any support for XSL - XSL is not part of XML, it's a separate technology. It just so happens your browser has an XSL transformer, but that's a different thing.

          Your options are: Apply a server-side transformation or use the E4X features in Flex (which are quite powerful and will probably be sufficient). See the XML chapter in the "Programming Actionscript 3" manual.