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    LR6 freezes after performance option checked


      I recently upgraded to LR6 and now am having problems with develop mode.  I checked the box for video card performance, and my card shows up.  It is nVidia 745M with 2GB RAM. My laptop has a 2.4Ghz Intel i7 dual core processor. When I am in library mode things work fine, and the video is much faster.  However when I click an imge and try to go to the develop the image area goes grey and freezes.  The only way out is to cancel LR and not get any editing done.  If I restart it and uncheck that box in the performance settings I can work OK.  Is there a fix for this?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Actually if your vid card can be used properly that options box gets checked by LR automatically, at least that is the way it is on my systems. Desktop had the Use GPU box checked, Notebook didn't.

          So by you putting a Check Mark in that Option box you did something LR wouldn't. Uncheck it and see what happens.

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            Mike851 Level 1

            Original install of LR CC had the box checked, but the device was disabled.  Not sure why, but it was getting a Windows Error 43, which is a catch-all.  I did some snooping around and installed an updated BIOS, and the latest video driver, and the device was recognized.  Then the box was unchecked by LR.  So with the older versions of BIOS & driver it was checked but disabled; with the newest its is unchecked and recognizes the video card.  I can use LR without it checked, but I think it needs more work by Adobe.  Seems a little counter-intuitive; and why recognize a 2 GB graphics card if it won't work right?  Thanks for your help.