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    Indesign CC(2014) performance issues on Yosemite


      Hi there,


      Already did a reinstall and deleted my preferences but I keep getting issues with linking text pages that gives me constant lag.

      At 6 pages were I link text layers on different pages my computer keeps thinking and it only has about 1000 words. I also pasted in unformatted text to check if it was a Microsoft Word issue, but that didn't help.


      Activity monitor spikes at 6GB alone for Indesign for some reason and I haven't found a solution yet. I'm also not on Overprint preview and have everything on low settings. (Mostly because Indesign still has issues with overprint preview on Retina Macbooks for even small documents). I have to force close Indesign each time this occurs.


      Has anyone experienced this issue? Or has a solution which might help. At 6 pages lag and having to design 90 will take forever this way.