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    Contribute and files not linked to

      I'm preparing a site using DW8 and Contribute 3.11 which has an .shtml page which incorporates a server-side included file (another html page).
      How does Contribute find this page to allow the user to edit it? Do they just type in the address?
      Presumably this kind of ssi issue is not a problem in the same way as others might be?
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          hillaryT Level 1
          It can't find it without a link or without a user knowing and typing in the address. This thread may help you: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=290&threadid=1054726
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            Digihound Level 1
            Thanks Hillary T.

            I've not actually used Contribute yet - I'm just in the planning stage and trying to work out how best to structure my pages.

            If the user can type in a URL to get there in Contribute then that will be fine. I need to apply styles to the included content, so the virtual option you linked to is rather too precarious for me - but thanks.

            One other point of clarification. Can Contribute edit part files? There may seem to be an obvious answer (yes?) but I've assumed so many things about Dreamweaver and Contribute that have turned out to be wrong that I no longer trust my own judgement!

            What I mean is, my included file needs not to have a <head> section as it's being included within another page which already has a <head>. Does Contribute complain or notwork with a page which is not complete in this way?

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              hillaryT Level 1
              Contribute works fine with include files without a head section. The only downside I've found is that include files are completely editable by users and you cannot lock off sections as you might with templates, styles also aren't available for users because the link to the stylesheet does not exist in the ssi code.
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                Digihound Level 1
                Thanks Hillary,
                That's very helpful. Other people warned me that editing files without a 'head' was a problem in Contribute.
                The non-linked stylesheet is not a problem to me as it's purely text that's being edited (if it was, I guess I could use a design-time stylesheet), though I note the downside that the include files are completely editable by users. The only way to get around this would be to use a separate cms system which would then obviate using Contribute in the first place.
                To me the problem with Contribute is that it's an exclusive approach - you narrow down what people can edit from everything to whatever they can. Other CMS systems (the simpler ones at least) insert tags to say what you can edit. That seems a much simpler procedure.
                I think the way ahead is to use hosted CMS systems - so I've dropped Contribute. I never was keen on something that had to be installed on a client's computer anyway.
                Thanks for your advice.