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    colour finesse render node


      Hi there,


      Do anyone know the work-a-round for rendering Colour finesse 3 LE on render node. Basically when we send the render through our render manager. The output have square red line all over the images.


      When re remove the ae_render_only_node.txt file off the machine. The output is working but the render node are now running on 30-days trial.


      Can anyone please help!


      Thank you

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          Bob Currier Level 3

          You don't say which version of AE you are using, or whether this is Mac or Windows. It should "just work" but the ways in which AE tells plug-ins about whether it's a render-node or an interactive workstation have changed between AE versions and have always been full of holes. You seem to have fallen into one of the holes.


          Rather than troubleshoot that can of worms—in the interest of getting you up and running quickly—here's how to serialize the copy of Color Finesse you are running on the render node:


          1. Create/Open an AE project on the render node.
          2. Apply Color Finesse to a layer.
          3. You'll be prompted for your name and organization. Enter something here.
          4. You'll be prompted to register Color Finesse on-line. This is optional, but if you don't register we won't be able to look up your serial number should you ever lose it.
          5. You should see no pink lines on the layer you applied Color Finesse to.
          6. Quit AE.
          7. Replace ae_render_only_node.txt.


          You should now be all set to render with no lines. Let me know if that doesn't solve things for you.


          Bob Currier

          Synthetic Aperture

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            saddingtonbaynes Level 1

            Hey Bob,


            Thanks, all resolved now . Btw we are using Afx CC2014