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    [Bug] ADE can't open files with & in Booktitle

    konus from germany

      I have bought some books, apparently generated with a program called "Papyrus Author". Most of them can opened with ADE, but some not.

      The Books which can not open in ADE have a Title with a "&" in it like in "Cream&Butter".

      The error message is (translated from german version):

      Open butter&cream.epub not possible

      In this media has been found errors


      If I unzip the epub file and edit in the OEBPS\content.opf the line  




      The document opens, but with no cover.


      To show the cover, I have to edit OEBPS\cover.html

      <img src="images/cover.jpg" alt="Cream&Butter"/>


      <img src="images/cover.jpg" alt="Cream_Butter"/>


      BTW: I work on a PC in German with Windows 8.1 64bit. ADE is in Version