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    LR CC, LR6: How To Set Filter Brushes Reliably to ADD ?

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hi, in the new Lightroom versions, the new filter brush can ADD to or SUBTRACT from the area affected by graduated filter or radial filter.


      But i am not sure how to *reliably* set a brush to ADD or to SUBTRACT. I had assumed:

      - brush "Erase" does subtract (minus sign within cursor)

      - brushes "A" and "B" do add (plus sign within cursor); if you press Alt, brushes switch temporarily to "Erase" brush


      But i had at least one instance where brushes A and B only *subtracted* and there was no way to get them back to *adding* (except by restarting LR with a different language).


      Do you know if there is way to *permanently* set brushes A and B to ADD? Or at least: How to bring brushes A and B back to ADD when for some reason they are fixated on SUBTRACT?


      In Photoshop's raw dialog, the same task is very easy – there are two brushes, one with a plus sign and one with a minus sign, and they always work as expected.


      I searched a lot of sites, but none answers my above question.




      As we are here already, i have another question regarding the mask overlay for gradual filter etc.: Initially, the mask overlay is red. In Lightroom, I can switch to other colors with Shift-O.


      Can i also

      - change opacity of mask overlay

      - invert mask overlay appearance, so that non-selected areas are overlaid?


      It's possible in Photoshop's ACR, but perhaps not in LR?