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    Reverse replicate a delete operation

    Clemente Pereyra

      We have to do a massive migration of users. Our users are stored under a structure folder like this:


      e.g.: /home/users/company/t/e/test@mail.com


      In our new approach we store users using a hash function and a five-level depth structure like this:



      So now we have to migrate all the users from the old structure to the new one. In order to do that we are moving the user nodes from path A to path B. So it is like oldUserNode is deleted and a newUserNode is being created.

      So, we need to find a way to replicate that node's deletion. Obviously I can't set the cq:distribute property since the node is not there anymore, so I need to find a way to (reverse) replicate that action to the other instances.


      Thanks in advance.