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    Flash CC code editor toggle fields function

    Steve L Level 1


      The action script file does not recall it's closing state on reopening.



      When I come back to my work and work area it should be in the same state in which I left it. It would greatly improve my workflow and reduce setup time if this were the case in CC  



      In CS6 if I collapse a block of code - like a large function block - then close the script file and reopen it at a later date - the collapsed fields remember their state and are still collapsed when I reopen. Granted this is only when the same file is opened on the same machine not when opened from the cloud on a remote laptop.

      In CC all the folds are expanded (or now "toggled") back to open when the file is reopened. (Side note - Why was it necessary to change the verbiage from "collapse" to "toggle"!?!?!?)


      BTW there is a "Toggle All Folds" in the right click menu but it is pretty much useless when using the code editor for a class file since it toggles all fields up to the package statement so clicking it hides all the code.



      Please someone let me know if this is a preference and if so where to set it in the API

      - or -

      Instead of "Toggle All Folds" - Adobe - please implement "Toggle All Folds Below" or make this selection definable in the preferences panel as well as make the preserve file state on close easier to find or implement the same functionality as CS6