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    Rename the opening file & then open it

    Arihant Jain Mg



      I am looking for a script which can -

      1. On opening a file rename it. For e.g. Rename "FileName1.indd" to "FileName1-in-use.indd"

      2. Then open the file "FileName1-in-use.indd"

      3. Then on closing rename it back to "Filename1.indd"


      Is it possible?




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          Vamitul Level 4

          While not difficult, it is kind of useless, as Indesign will automatically "lock" a file that is in use, so other people won't be able to open it until you finish with it.

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            Arihant Jain Mg Level 1

            We are using a sync software & that software is not syncing the lock file & other users are able to make changes.

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              Daniel Sterchi Adobe Community Professional

              Hi there


              I am not sure if this meets your needs. What about «race conditions»?


              Give this a try.


              Kind regards


              Daniel (from Switzerland)


              function main() {
                  var myDoc = File.openDialog ("InDesign-File", fileMaskINDD);
                  if (myDoc != null) {
                      // get the actual filename
                      myFileName = myDoc.name.substr(0, myDoc.name.indexOf("."));
                      myNewFileName= myFileName.replace(myFileName, myFileName+"-in-use.indd");
                      // rename the actual doc
                      // open the InDesign document
                      tempDoc = app.open(myDoc);
                      // do your stuff here
                      // save and close
                      // rename the document again
                      myDoc.rename(myFileName+ ".indd");
                      alert("I did my job, what about yours?");
              function do_your_stuff_here(myDoc) {
                  alert("Do your stuff here");
                  To filter the files and only show InDesign files or directories
              function fileMaskINDD(myFile) {
                if (myFile.constructor.name == "Folder") { return true }
                if (myFile.name.slice(-5) == ".indd") { return true }
                return false;