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    Why isn't the camera tool working for my lyric video?


      I am very new to After Effects, but I am very familiar with photoshop.

      I just downloaded after effects yesterday to attempt to make a lyric video.

      I was watching a tutorial, which was going great until he started to use the camera tool to zoom into and out of certain words at times.

      For some reason, I can not get the camera to zoom in to the words.

      Here is exactly what I did: I typed out the first sentence "It's not the first time" each word it's own layer, and lined it up with the song. I clicked pre-compose and titled it "1." Then I created new camera, and new null object. I set "1" to 3D, and "Null Object" to 3D, and I pick whiped the camera to the null object, and then clicked "p" and tried to change the position of the camera so it would zoom in on "IT'S."

      It would not move. there's a yellow selection box where it would be moving, and if I manually move the null object, the It's moves with it, but it will not move using the "p" on the null object.

      I tried it again on a picture that I imported to the project using the SAME EXACT procedure, and this worked. I could easily zoom into the picture.

      Why can't I zoom in to the text using the camera button?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Either your words are not 3D layers or your Composition is set to Front View. You must be looking at the Active Camera view to see what the camera moves will look like when rendered.


          If that doesn't solve your problem then select the camera layer and the text that is not moving, press the U key twice to reveal all modified properties and send us a full resolution screenshot by dragging it into the Reply field on this forum.