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    Policy File for WebService

      I try to access a flex web service
      <mx:WebService id="xxx" wsdl=" http://xxxxxx/sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/AABBCC?wsdl" showBusyCursor="true">

      The system of the Web Service is not the same as "my system" (where the SWF file is obtained from). Therefore I do need to load the policy (crossdomain.xml): Security.loadPolicyFile( " http://xxxxxx/sap/a/bc/crossdomain.xml"). For some reasons I can not put the crossdomain file on ROOT level, so I have to load it explicitly.

      My problem: How (which event) can I accomplish that the file is loaded PRIOR(!) the <mx:WebService> tag is parsed and run. My problem is, I do still get the security error, although I load the file. I have cross-checked it with an alert message, the reason is: None of the events I have placed the loading in, is completed before the wsdl file is loaded.

      Any idea how to overcome the problem?