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    Unsupported path(s)

    Juan Gordo

      I haven't used Edge Animate for a while but have kept it up to date to the latest versions.


      Unfortunately today I had to go and make some modifications to an old file from last year and upon opening I get presented with an error message containing a very long list of UNSUPPORTED PATHS to all the assets in the project. It seems fine when I export/preview in browser (safari) but it is impossible to work with the file as I Can't see anything on the canvas. I am not even able to import new images into it (I can add them to the Library but dropping them on the canvas just results in "Error loading image!" been placed instead of the asset.


      I have tested and creating a new project from scratch works as intended with no errors but this does not help my situation unless I re-create the entire thing all over again


      Some help on this subject would be greatly appreciated as I am in a very difficult situation right now thanks to this bug


      Kind regards