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    ExtendScriptToolkit Question

    CarolW Level 1

      I don't see a category for ExtendScriptToolkit questions.


      Adobe RoboHelp 11 * About ExtendScript Toolkit support states

      "Click the Click To Connect To Target Application to run RoboHelp. The icon is green to indicate that RoboHelp HTML is running.

      Note: If you don’t select Adobe RoboHelp in the ExtendScript Toolkit, and you try running a script, an error occurs."

      However, when I select Adobe RoboHelp 11, the link icon (shown in green above) is broken and red. I assumed I needed to navigate to the RoboHelp 11 executable and run it. However, selecting it brings up a dialog "Please select a language) and there is no executable option in the list.

      How do you run RoboHelp 11 from the ExtendScript GUI?